Can I Use Baby Bio on Tomato Plants?

There are three main nutrients that a growing tomato plant needs: Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P), and Potassium (or Potash) (K).

No matter what kind of fertilizer you are using, organic or chemical, the plant will extract these three components from it.

Baby Bio is that kind of fertilizer that has these three elements in a ratio that can be beneficial for the tomato plants. So, Baby Bio can be used for tomatoes.

baby bio on tomatoes

A tomato plant also wants trace elements of other chemicals, but you should worry about these later on, when the plant gets bigger, and only if it is grown in a container, pot, or growing bags.

If the tomato is growing in the ground, you can get away without worrying about the other elements.

There are many fertilizers on the market, that can be daunting when you have to choose. But in this article, I will speak about one specific fertilizer: Baby Bio Tomato Food.

What is Baby Bio Tomato Food?

The very well-known Baby Bio brand now developed this dedicated fertilizer for tomatoes.

This 175ml bottle is a concentrated solution that is a compound fluid fertilizer that has an NPK ratio of 6:5:9.

This means, it is high in Potash; therefore, Baby Bio Tomato Food will enhance fruit growth as well.

Because of its small packaging, Baby Bio Tomato Food is ideal for gardeners that have limited space and grow their tomatoes in pots, containers, or growing bags.

For a large garden, the 175 ml bottle would be too time and money-consuming.

Why Use Baby Bio Tomato Food Instead of Baby Bio Houseplant Food?

You might be surprised why I recommend Baby Bio Tomato Food over Houseplant Food. Fertilizer is fertilizer, isn’t it?

The difference between the two types of fertilizers is the NPK ratio. If you pay attention to these ratios, will make a huge difference in terms of yield.

The NPK ratio of Tomato Food is 6:5:9, while the Houseplant Food’s NPK ratio is 10.6:4.4:1.7.

As you see, they are both high in N and P, which means, they help in the growth of foliage.

However, what really makes the Baby Bio Tomato Food suitable for tomato plants, is the level of K, which is 9, while in the Houseplant Food is only 1.7. As I said earlier, K is for fruit growth.

This means, that Baby Bio Tomato Food is not only helping the plant to grow healthy and strong, but because of its high level of K (Potash), this fertilizer helps the plant to grow more fruits.

When to Use Baby Bio on Tomato Plants?

Baby Bio fertilizer can be used on tomato plants at any point of the season. But the best is to start feeding when growth starts in spring.

Because Baby Bio is a liquid fertilizer, this should be added to moist soil, but the best is to dilute it as the label says.

You don’t have to use the Baby Bio Tomato Food if you already have another one at home. Any Baby Bio fertilizer can be a nice boost for your tomato plants anytime.

However, using only Baby Bio fertilizer and not using the suitable one, will compromise the yield.

If you have a large garden and many tomato plants, using a liquid fertilizer can be time-consuming.

Instead, I would use slow-release, dry fertilizer, such as Worm-Casting or other organic fertilizer.

However, you can use Baby Bio if you grow your tomatoes in containers, pots, growing bags, or greenhouse borders. It can give your tomatoes a really nice boost and these will grow strong and healthy.

Being careful not to over-fertilize and using Baby Bio as described on the label, your tomatoes will be thankful. But remember, as I said earlier, when you grow tomatoes in containers, you should fertilize them with other nutrients as well.

Sometimes there can occur calcium or magnesium deficiency or other trace elements can be missing that can lead to diseases or yellow leaves, even losing some yield.

Wrap Up

Liquid fertilizers work as an instant boost for tomato plants. A liquid fertilizer, like Baby Bio, is ideal to give your tomato plants an instant pick-me-up thing.

Whenever you see they are a little malnourished, you can add some Baby Bio to the water you are using to water your plants and add directly to the soil.

Paying attention not to over-fertilize, as this can do more damage than good, use Baby Bio Tomato Food to enhance the health of your tomato plants and to improve fruit growing.

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